Are you on right track in content race?

ARE YOU ON RIGHT TRACK IN CONTENT RACE?You must have heard many times that “Content is King”. Content is the soul of your site and you can also treat it as the backbone of SEO. If you just focus on creating valuable content then also you can get good position in search results. Although it would take longer time to get your website popular as you are not promoting it. Wherever you start your approach to SEO your destination will always lead to creating quality content.

It is very important to know you are writing the right content for readers or not? Are you going on right track in Content Race or you need to change your track?

But the main problem which arises is that everyone has a different perspective for all the things. A content written by you might be good for you but not for others. They might not find it interesting or do not understand what it means. So this where writing the right content becomes a prime focus. So in this article we are going to discuss few points which can help you in knowing whether you are on the right track or not in content race?

How to know your content is right for users?
  1. Subscribers: 

    Subscribers are the people opting for receiving regular updates from your site. The number of subscribers can give you a good idea on how people view your content as. A person only subscribes to a site if he/she finds it really interesting and is interested to read more related stuff.
    For subscription you can use RSS(Rich site summary). An RSS document includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship. I would suggest using Feedburner

  2. Plus one (+1)

    Google plus provides a way of appreciating a post using +1 (plus one). Google plus might be the future of social network as Google is working on incorporating social relevancy from Google plus. If you still ar not on it, you might be missing a big opportunity. The plus one will act as trophies for for content and help in getting good position in search results. So plus one can give you good data on quality of your content.


    It is the likes which your content gets on Facebook. Facebook has the biigest usebase of all social media accounts till now. Promoting your content on it can get you lot of readers and simultaneously more likes if they found it useful. Number of likes also is a good way of judging the quality of content.


    Good number of shares is really a benchmark for bloggers. Content has to very valuable to inspire readers to share it with their friends or colloeagues. If you are getting a descent number of shares for your articles that definitely suggests you are doing the right job and people are finding it very useful. There are various ways in which user can share your post so try to make it easy for users to share by using sharing plugins.


    Number of page views can also give you a good overview on how a page is performing. You will get more page views if your content is being shared and liked more on social media and other online platforms. You can get to know the number of views by creating a Google Analytics account and monitoring it frequently.


    The number of comments give you a good idea that your readers are finding your content interesting. Comments also show that you were successfully able to keep the attention of the reader. More comments also help in adding fresh content to your articles and search engines love updated and new content.

  7. BackLinks

    BackLinks are the external links from other sites pointing to your site. If the links are naturally generated, they have more value as it was found to be worth giving a link by the site owner. Backlinks are also one of the important medium in calculating the Page Rank of a website.

  8. Mention

    If people are mentioning your brand name in their conversations, review sites or forums it definitely signifies that you are brand which people know and they found it worth telling it to other people about it. There are several tools to know the mentions about your brand and I have discussed about them in Free Online Monitoring Tools.

  9. Retweet

    Retweets can be another good way to judge the value of your content from readers prospective. Twitter is considerd to be one of the best medium for developing your business online. There are lot of professional people on it who like reading and sharing good content. Retweets are a way of sharing someones tweet on you own profile. And nomne is going to put spammy content on his own profile. So retweets can be very helpful.

  10. Social Score

    Now this might be new term for few people. Social score is a way of calculating your online influence by taking stats from different social media sites (like facebook, Twitter, Google plus). It takes all the factors including: likes, comments, mentions, retweets, etc and then calculates accordingly. A good social score means that you are doing a good job overall on the social media front. Some tools which you can use are: Klout, Naymz and Social Score.

Do you have any other medium for judging your content? How do you judge your content value and which one is most effective for your site? Share it below in the comments section for others to know.

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