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Interesting Ecommerce Facts

Ecommerce or “Online Shopping” was an alien term few years ago specially in India. But with the advancement of technology and better access to internet has made this term a part of our lives. It has affected the ground sales severly and is growing at an exponential rate. In 2013, retail e-commerce sales amounted to […]

Difference between Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Google Panda and Google Penguin Updates would not be new to you if you deal with SEO. There has been a lot of speculation about these right from the day they were launched. This arises a list of question to people who are new to this industry like: What are these updates? What is their […]

Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising: Part 2

In Part 1 of Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising, we discussed about the basics of PPC, major players and the key terms involved in it. But it is very important to understand how it works and  In Part 2 we are going to cover the architecture and the functioning process of Google Adwords. So […]

Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising: Part 1

What is PPC? PPC refers to Pay Per Click. It is the largest and the most popular form of internet advertising model used to direct traffic to sites. Unlike traditional advertising, where you need to pay simply for displaying your ad, in PPC you are only charged when your ad is clicked and user gets […]

Types of SEO Factors : Best of SEO

Types of Search Engine Ranking Factors There are several factors for optimizing a site. According to Google it has over 200 factors for ranking a site in search results. These factors can be classified under three categories for a broader view. We will be discussing mostly about the categories and the factors falling under that […]

Are you on right track in content race?

You must have heard many times that “Content is King”. Content is the soul of your site and you can also treat it as the backbone of SEO. If you just focus on creating valuable content then also you can get good position in search results. Although it would take longer time to get your […]

Black, Grey and White hat SEO Techniques

If you are related to SEO industry then you must have heard of these terms(Black, Grey and White SEO) for sure. Actually they are different ways of doing SEO and depending on various criteria it is categorized as Black, Grey or White hat SEO Techniques. For eg: anyone can get famous either by doing very […]

Best of free Online Monitoring Tools

In our last post we discussed about Online Reputation Management (ORM) and the ways to tackle negative reputation online. This post is going to cover the best tools for monitoring your online presence for free. So lets get started. What is Online Monitoring? Online Monitoring refers to keeping track of anything said about your company […]

Online Reputation Management: The Negative SEO

Everyone of us, whether its an organization or an individual knows the importance of online presence. Online presence expands your reach and give you an edge over your competitors. But is online presence always good? What if it is against you? It could instead loose you customers. So having a good online presence is essential […]

Robots.txt vs Noindex: Deindex your site, the right way

If you are into SEO or anywhere related to it, you would be having these terms (robots.txt and noindex) somewhere in your vocabulary. And if that’s not the case you have came to right place to learn it. These tags are generally used to prevent search engines from crawling and indexing your site. Now you […]

Does Content Length affects Rankings and Conversions?

We already know that content is the most important thing for a site. It is also one of the most important SEO Ranking Factors whom everybody is talking about but very less are implementing it. You can divide the content into many segments and judge it on basis of Quality, freshness, readability, length etc. Here I am […]