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Top 8 SEO Ranking Factors

SEO, SEO and SEO!! Everyone is talking about it these days. Every company, webmaster, blogger or anyone who own a website is talking about optimizing their website to hold a good position in search results. Do you think it is worth running around SEO and less focusing on the website? SEO definitely helps you in […]

SEO for Images : Do not ignore

Why optimize images? Images play a very important role in search engines and is one of the factors which is generally ignored by many webmasters. Search engines are trying to incorporate more images into SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) and ignoring this could cause you loss of good and sizable traffic. So lets look out all the […]

What is Do Follow and No Follow links: For Beginners

What are backlinks ? Backlinks are the external links from different websites pointing to your website. This is one of the most important factors out of the total (almost 200) factors which search engines consider for ranking your site in SERP. But all the backlinks are not same, some are important while others not. So […]

How Google Search Engine Works: Get to know

Ever wondered how Google works? How does it shows the most relevant results when you type in the query? The web has billions of web pages and websites so how the search engine gets us the result within fraction of seconds? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how it searches for our query from such […]

How to turn off Google Personalized Search Results

What is Google Personalized Search Results? Before going on to the procedure for removing Personalized Search Results, lets get to know what this term means. Personalized results are unique search  results for different users on basis of several factors. In general there can be two factors for getting personalized results and they are: Based on […]

SEO Pocket Guide: The Complete SEO

Hi! everyone. I have named this article “SEO Pocket Guide” as it will act as your guide for anything related to SEO. Whatever you need to know about SEO you will get it here on this post. Now you might be thinking how can I cover complete SEO in a single post? Well I certainly […]

Google plus gets a design makeover

Today morning I opened my Google plus profile page and saw a considerable design change. Overall there have been 4 changes to make Google plus experience more rich and user friendly. Why has the change been brought? Well Google does everything for a reason and this design change also had a reason behind it. According […]

What not to do in SEO-2013

You must have read lot of articles on SEO with respect to the current year explaining the steps to be taken, important tips, procedure to be followed. Right? But I think the main part is the getting to know what not to do which will help you in not taking wrong step which might even […]

How much time you spend on Social Media? [Infographics]

Social Networks are ruling the world of internet and are becoming a part of everyone’s life. People are getting more active on social media and Social Medial accounts of 18% of time spent online. The mostly affected segment is the young generation, among 15-24 years old between July 2010 and October 2011, engagement with email […]

Calculate time spent on Facebook

Hi everyone! Social networks are increasing day by day as daily thousands of new members are joining them. The major player in this is Facebook. Facebook has total of more than 1 billion users and many people use it on daily basis. According to a report by Socially Aware Blog: An average US citizen spends […]

Highlights of Google Evolution

Google has come along a long way from the day it was started as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google) in the year 1996. It is the dominating search engine in the world with a market share of 65.4% as mentioned in an article on Search Engine Watch competing with […]

How to improve Google Author Rank

Google Author Rank, which is assumed to be the biggest update by Google is the much talked about thing in SEO industry these days. And if you are reading this article I assume that you already know what is Author Rank and you are trying to improve it and if I am wrong  I would […]