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Facebook TimrabbitHi everyone! Social networks are increasing day by day as daily thousands of new members are joining them. The major player in this is Facebook. Facebook has total of more than 1 billion users and many people use it on daily basis. According to a report by Socially Aware Blog:

An average US citizen spends 7 hrs and 45 mins on Facebook per month.

Its a kind of never ending cycle which has no end. People keep on browsing through posts, walls, groups and many more spending hours of time without even knowing. Have you ever wondered how much time do you spent on Facebook?

Well if you want the answer Breakpoint Software Development has it for you. They have created an application called “Time Rabbit” which will calculate your time spent on Facebook. Isn’t is interesting? Now you can keep a check on the time you are spending on facebook every time you login.

TimeRabbit is a stand-alone application. It does not work as a browser plugin as that would confine it to work only with one particular web browser. Instead, it is able to monitor active web sites across all major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Features of TimeRabbit:

  1. See daily time spent in hours, minutes and seconds.
  2. View weekly, monthly and lifetime statistics.
  3. Works with all major web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome).

Wanna know how much time you spent on Facebook? Download TimRabbit

When you navigate to Facebook in any browser on your computer, TimeRabbit will start the timer and will start counting seconds. The timer will stop after 5 seconds from the moment you navigate out of Facebook or when your browser loses focus. It will also detect if you’re idle and after 30 seconds of no mouse or keyboard activity detected, the counter will be stopped. And did I mention that it is completely free 🙂

How much time you spend on Facebook? Would you use this application? What according to you is the ideal time for browsing Facebook? Share your views on this.

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