If Google can fail, why cant we? Google biggest failures

Google failuresLet me start this article with a very inspiring quotation.

Success is not Final; Failure is not Fatal;
It is the courage to Continue that counts.

This article features the biggest flops and failures of search engine giant Google. Google has thousands of employees working for it, hundreds of executives and managers spread all over the world. It has a separate team assigned for every project and the best of the skilled persons working for that. In-spite of that it is also not perfect, it has also made big mistakes, launched products which flopped badly. They flopped so badly that some of them you might have not even heard. Even after all of this it is best in internet industry much ahead of its competitors.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
— Robert F. Kennedy

So believe me failure is a part of success. If you have not failed you have not lived. You might be a student, a job seeker, executive in big company, self employed or a new blogger, if you really want to make it big start taking risks by completely neglecting the fear of failure, even if you fail you will learn a lot more than succeeding.  So always keep on trying and learn from your mistakes which caused your failure.

Here are the biggest failures by Google:Google failures

Image Source: Wordstream

What’s your take on this? Have you used these Google products ever? Just share your thoughts, feedback, suggestions.
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