Google plus gets a design makeover

Today morning I opened my Google plus profile page and saw a considerable design change. Overall there have been 4 changes to make Google plus experience more rich and user friendly.

Why has the change been brought?

Well Google does everything for a reason and this design change also had a reason behind it. According to a post by Chris Messina

Just like your Google experience is personalized to fit your needs, every Google+ profile has the ability to be customized to fit the needs and desires of its owner — from the most public to the most private of users.

I modeled my approach after familiar exchanges that occur upon meeting someone new: “Hi!” (the cover), “Tell me a little about yourself.” (the facts), and lastly “Show me what you’re in to” (the stream).

I wanted to provide a unique, visual way to represent people and brands —  offering an expansive canvas for personal expression. If you consider that most people in the world still don’t have a public profile, this design provides scaffolding for representing oneself online, and provides a means to express what you’re about — regardless of how publicly you share on Google+.

So lets get started with the changes one by one.

1) Huge Cover Picture:

The main change which will observe is the increase size of the cover picture. It has been increased from a limited 940 by 180 pixels to 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels at a 16:9 ratio when fully expanded. This is really huge and it does provide extra space to show case yourself or your brand with a huge picture. As per Google, more you have the space, the more better you can let know others about yourself.

The profile picture has also been made to round shape instead of square with reduced size.

Nishant Soni   Google

2) ‘About’ tab in a timeline format

The “About” section has been redesigned quite intelligently in timeline format very much similar to facebook. It is divided into different blocks covering different information like  a people block showing the your circles and people who have circled you and similarly work, education, story etc which makes the browsing through all the information smooth.

Nishant Soni   Google_about

3) Review Section

This section will only show if you have written a local review for any place. This section will show all your reviews given by you with a map showing its location. The design is very much similar to ‘About ‘ page and the theme remains the same.

Nishant Soni   Google_reviews

4) Brief  Introduction

When you hover over a persons name it shows a brief introduction about the person with a button to add him/her in circles. This section is also changed from a horizontally wide rectangle to vertically taller rectangle in aspect of shape.



So what do you think about this design change? Did you find it useful and user friendly as compared to old design?. Share your views and experiences on this.

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