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Evolution of googleGoogle has come along a long way from the day it was started as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google) in the year 1996. It is the dominating search engine in the world with a market share of 65.4% as mentioned in an article on Search Engine Watch competing with Yahoo and Bing as other major search engines.

Its a big journey for Google from being launched in 1998. It has gone through lot of changes in every aspect of its algorithm to make the search engine as useful as possible. It also launched a video with a timeline of important projects regarding its evolution from the basics named “The Evolution of Search in Six Minutes”. It highlights the main idea and the purpose for which the Google team is constantly working for so many years. Lets see what Ben Gomes, Google Fellow had to say:

Our goal is to get you to the answer you’re looking for faster and faster, creating a nearly seamless connection between your questions and the information you seek.

Google Evolution Timeline

Google Evolution Timeline

This video highlights the four main stages of Google Evolution which are:

  1. Google Adwords: It is the main advertising product and source of revenue for Google. It was launched in Oct 2011 and is briefly introduced in the video.
  2. Image Search: Google Image was launched to make your search more interactive in the year 2001. This video will explain you what felt the use of having images in search results.
  3. Google News: Google News was launched in year 2002 and has a story behind it. As per Amit Singhal, Google Fellow on 11th Sep 2011 when the unforgettable incident of twin towers happened, users searched for “New York Twin Towers” but there was no query related to it. This was because Google index was crawled a month earlier and of course there was no news in that index. So that led to the invention of Google News.
  4. Universal Search: This was a major change by Google in 2007 which included all the elements while searching like: pictures, videos, books, answers and many more.
  5. Google Instant: It came in year 2010 as a auto suggest feature to help users save time and get the related query displayed as a dropdown. This reduced time in typing complete query and gave good user experience.

My dream has always been to build the Star Trek computer. I would be able to walk up to a computer and say, ‘Hey, what is the best time for me to sow seeds in India given that monsoon was early this year?’ People will be looking for answers to more complex questions. — Mr.Singhal

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    • admin says:

      Completely agreed. Google is the backbone of search sue to its consistent approach of making it better for users.
      And Google is also working on Semantic search which might completetly change the way the search works.


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