How to improve Google Author Rank

How to Improve Author RankGoogle Author Rank, which is assumed to be the biggest update by Google is the much talked about thing in SEO industry these days. And if you are reading this article I assume that you already know what is Author Rank and you are trying to improve it and if I am wrong  I would advice you to read the article “What is Author Rank” first and then come on over here to know some important tips to help you improve it.

So now everyone is talking about new updates in SEO something like Panda, Penguin, Author Rank and so on. Google is coming out with new updates very frequently from last few months, some of them being big and some small and you can expect the same in future also. Penguin and Panda have already been implemented and the one which is still to explore is “Author Rank”. We have already discussed basics of Author rank in our last article so now let me mention some points on “How to Improve Author Rank” which will help you in getting good Author Rank.

1) Write Good Content

It does not matter what updates or changes does Google bring, content is going to remain the priority. If you write good content no update can affect you in negative manner. So always focus on writing good, unique and fresh content which serves out the purpose of helping readers. Never write for Search Engines, write for humans. 

2) Focus on Social Media

Social media is going to play a major role in judging your Author Rank. Start focusing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. Increase your network and try to get more popular over there. Interact with more and more people and increase your followers to create a impact on your Author Rank.

3) Get Verified by Google

Google will only value you if you have an identity in its eyes. So for that one needs to get authorized by the Google as an author. This will not only help you in getting rich snippets in search results but also helpful in tracking all of your content. Your all the content will be linked to your Google+ profile and help in calculating Author Rank. I have written a dedicated article on how to get verified by Google, hope you like it.

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4) Engagement on Google+

Google launched its much anticipated social network in 2011 that is Google+ and it will not leave any stone unturned to make it big. So now your search results will depend on your online identity from Google+. Google will judge you and your content on the basis of your activities and response from people on Google+, like the number of shares, number of +1, interaction with people, popularity of people who circled you and many more. So start focusing on Google+ and post content which is likely to get more likes and shares.

5) Guest Blogging

Guest blogging will gain more attention as the Author Rank gets implemented completely. Author Rank will be based on how many posts you have written on other websites as it shows your authority in your niche in view of other bloggers. Guest blogging is going to increase in future a lot and more bloggers would be willing to write guest blog on reputed websites. So start giving time to guest blogging and search for good opportunities on some big sites.

6) Target your niche and create authority in it

Author Rank will be dependent your area of niche. Let me start with an example, how would it be if a good chef writes an article about programming. Got it? A good author rank in SEO will not mean that you also have it in Sports. So targeting your core area of specialization (that is niche) and mastering in that is the key point to success.  So choose your area of specialization and try to gain authority in that instead of writing out of your niche articles which will dilute your Author Rank.

7) Interact with right people

This means the quality of the people who you associate with. Interacting with right people who are related to your niche will help you in getting good knowledge and remain up to date. You may also join related communities as they are huge source of information and discussions which will widen your depth of knowledge. More interaction with right people will also help you in exploring your knowledge in front of other people.

8) Do Reply to Comments

Google takes your users very seriously and comment section helps it to know how you treat your readers. So do try and reply to as many comments as you can. It will earn you respect both in google and readers prospective. Also the number of comments also helps in gaining attention of search engines. So its win-win situation for everyone.

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