Interesting Ecommerce Facts

Ecommerce or “Online Shopping” was an alien term few years ago specially in India. But with the advancement of technology and better access to internet has made this term a part of our lives. It has affected the ground sales severly and is growing at an exponential rate. In 2013, retail e-commerce sales amounted to 3.59 billion US dollars and are projected to grow to 14.18 billion US dollars in 2017.

Global e-Commerce sales are growing by more than 19% yearly and are expected to be of almost total 1.4 trillion by 2015!

So lets get started with some interesting ecommerce facts which might interest you.

1) Online shopping was invented and pioneered by Michael Aldrich in the UK. In 1979 he connected a modified domestic television via a telephone line to a real- time multi-user transaction processing computer.
2) Pizza Hut was one of the first major brands to experiment with online commerce, starting in 1994.pizza1

3) Although Amazon launched its ecommerce in 1995, but was not able to generate profit until 2003.

4) 26% of the shopping carts are abandoned due to forced user registration and are never purchased.

5) 45% of the online shoppers want an online customer service or IM feature.

6) 79% of the shoppers desire a tracking option while ordering anything online.

7) Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision.

8) 71% shoppers believe that they will get better deal online than in stores.

9) 44% of smartphone users admitted to “show-rooming” – They browsed products in brick-and-mortar stores, picked what they liked, then purchased online.

10) During the third quarter of 2012, $4,423 was transacted via Paypal, per second.

11) Asia holds the largest number of web purchases, South Korea is at the top of the list.

12) India is home to the fastest growing ecommerce market in the world and France is the slowest.

How Big is E-commerce IndustryInfographic by- Invesp

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