Must Know SEO Tips

Must Know SEO Tips
SEO tips

SEO Tips

SEO is the most important thing in recent time considering the value of search engines in bringing traffic to ones sites. If you create a great site without working on SEO and visitors are not able to see your website because it’s not showing up in search results, it is similar to creating a nice fully loaded bus without bus stops (because users are not able to access it).

So SEO is the medium for reaching your visitors going by the stats which says that 94% of the websites are accessed through search engines. Considering the importance of search engines I am sharing with you some really important tips (according to their importance) for optimizing your website according to them.

SEO is not about optimizing for search engines, it’s about optimizing for humans.” 

High Priority Important SEO TipsImportant SEO TipsImportant SEO Tips
  1. Content is king, so be sure to have good, well-written and unique content that differs from all the websites and focuses on your primary keyword or keyword phrase. And most importantly, always keep in mind you are writing the content for humans and optimizing it for search engines and not vice versa. So write something people would love to read and share.
    Avoid: copied content, unrelated content, repetitive content
  2. Backlinks: If content is king then links are queen. Build a network of quality back links from good websites which are in tune with your primary keyword or keyword phrase. Remember if a link is not related to your content/keyword then it will not be very useful in optimization. And more importantly, it’s not just how many links you receive, it’s from how many different websites that matters.
    Avoid: overuse of links, unrelated links, focus on quality links instead of quantity
  3. Frequent updation: Adding fresh content and its frequency (in how much time you add fresh content) helps a lot in getting attention from major search engines as they are trying to deliver latest up-to-date content. So keep on adding new on a regular basis (once or twice in a week).
    Avoid: small fake changes just for fooling search engines
  4. Selecting and using keywords: Choosing the right keyword for your business is like getting the best horse for a big race. Think carefully before selecting your valuable keywords. Who is your target audience? What would they use to search your products or services? Do some research and you will be surprised at the results. To be found out on web by your audience you need to speak their language. Remember, optimizing for a particular segment is much easier than doing it for a complete category (eg: black leather purse for men than it is for general purse). And use your effectively in your content.
    Free Keyword Tools:
    Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    Microsoft Keyword Forecast Tool
    Avoid: complicated keywords, overuse of keywords in content
  5. Customised URL: URL play an important role in getting your site found in search engines. Try to use customized url which are in tune with your keyword and the content.
    Length of the URL: not more than 3-5 words. According to Google, more than 5 words will give you less credit.
    Dashes are better than underscores: Although Google has no individual preferences (meaning you won’t be penalizes for either of the versions), dashes are more preferable as Google “sees” each hyphened word as an individual one.
    Avoid: long urls, dynamic urls, special characters (such as ?,<,) )


Medium Priority Important SEO TipsImportant SEO Tips
  1. HTML tags: There are several HTML used in your web page. Embedding keywords with these  tags adds an extra edge to your site. Below are a few tags in order of their importance(top one being most important):
    Title: This is the most important place for your keyword phrase. Include title tag with a brief description (within 70 chars) for all the pages with important keywords.
    Headline:Headline tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are another area where you should put your target keywords as search engines treat give them more importance.
    Alt: Include keyword rich alt tag with all the images.
    Meta: Include a small description about your website. This helps search engines in indexing your site.
  2. Submit Sitemap: Sitemaps are XML files containing all the links in your website which help search engines crawl individual pages of your site and index them. There are various tools available to generate an XML file.
    Free Sitemap Generator:
    Create a sitemap from these links and upload it in your root directory and then submit the link to search engines.
  3. Internal Navigation: Internal linking refers to the accessibility of all the pages. There should be a proper hierarchy for linking all the pages so that the users can easily navigate from one page to another.
    Avoid: broken links
  4. Avoid Flash and images as text: The search engine spiders only look for text and ignore flash and images. So try avoiding them as much as possible. In case you want to use images or flash, dont forget to use keywords in the alt tag.
  5. Target Social Media: Believe me this can be very helpful in spreading your websites viewership. Try to give as much as possible sharing options to the users like (facebook, linkedin, google+, pinterest to name a few). This can be very helpful in getting attention, if your website is newbie.


Low Priority Important SEO Tips
  1. Add interactive features: Adding features such as reviews, ratings, user comments, blog, polls, etc., can also help in making your site more interactive and help gain readers.
  2. Canonical Issues: It refers to the www and non-www domain name. Select the www name (eg: for your domain name as the primary address and redirect the non-www name( to the primary address. Why this is helpful is because most of the people just don’t use www and in that case they may be taken to “page not found” which might loose you some audience.
  3. Keep site live as much as possible: Search engines do look for the status of your website. If they find that your site does not remain live often, this will create a bad effect on those crawlers. So choose a hosting which is reliable and try and keep your website live as much as possible.
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