Online Reputation Management: The Negative SEO

Online Reputation ManagementEveryone of us, whether its an organization or an individual knows the importance of online presence. Online presence expands your reach and give you an edge over your competitors. But is online presence always good? What if it is against you? It could instead loose you customers. So having a good online presence is essential for taking your business to the next level. And the process of keeping maintaining your brand online is called Online Reputation Management. In other words,

Your online perception for general users or customers is called Online Reputation. Managing it to keep it in your favour is called Online Reputation Management(ORM). It is also called Negative SEO because it involves demoting the negative link in search results.

This is termed as the most difficult part of SEO and due to the importance of online reputation there is huge demand for people and companies doing ORM. Being the most difficult part there is huge pricing involved in it. If you have the budget to afford it, you should go for an Online Reputation Management Company otherwise you can work it out yourself using some of the best tips to  manage your Online Reputation for your business. So lets get started.

Why to bother about Online Presence?

Why?? Its simple because people are online. With over 2.2 billion people online you really can’t afford to ignore this part. People before buying any product or service tend to look about the company or product online. Any negative review or comment can loose you large number of potential customers. For some great stats by SEOMoz go through the below points:

  • 70% of local consumers have used the internet to find a local business.
  • 67% of local consumers have read online reviews of local businesses.
  • 69% of local consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 49% of local consumers are more likely to use a business that has positive reviews.
  • Local consumers like to read up to 10 reviews before making a decision about which local business to use.

I personally don’t prefer to go with any company having a negative review. Will you? I don’t think so because it creates a doubt in the mind of the user. So it’s very fruitful to have a good online reputation both for an individual and an organization.

How to track if you have a negative review?

Google Alerts is by far the best free online monitoring tool available for effectively monitoring what is said about your company. It allows you to setup email notifications to alert you when something about your company is posted online. You need to enter the search query and fill in the various options according to your requirement to get alerts directly in your inbox. Just see the options in the image below:

Online Reputation Mangement

What to do if you got a negative review or comment?

What to do if you searched in Google alert and found a negative feedback or a complaint against your compnay? How can you get out of this trap? There are two ways in which you can get out of this:

Way 1) Sort out the issue with the complainant

The best way to get your complaint(one who has complained) removed is by contacting the complainant and sorting out the issue. As the issue gets resolved the complainant can request the administrator to remove the complaint. This is the best work around against any complaint as this will not only remove the complaints but also might get back you the lost customer. This is a permanent solution and best one if it works out.

But the situation can be different if:

  • Complaint is false.
  • You are unable to contact the complainant.
  • User is anonymous.
  • Issue does not get resolved.

For similar situations you can move down to Way 2

Way 2) Get the negative review down in Search Results.

The other way is to get in some positive reviews and other details about your company above the negative reviews. So that the neative reviews gets down to second or third page which can reduce the probability of visibilty as most of the users view do not go beyond first page. There are several ways to do it:

a) Exact Match Domains: The first step you can take is to book domain names with matching keyword. For eg: if someone is trying to target and write mean things about Mr.Abc Xyz, then booking the domain and optimizing it for the targeted keyword should be the first strategy.You can also book domains like or and ask some happy clients to post in some positive reviews or testimonials. Exact match domains if optimized properly rank well and can provide you faster results.

b) Create Social Media Profiles: Create a social profile on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google plus and other user generated content portals can prove to be a vital strategy. Book your targeted phrases on these sites and post in some valuable and quality content which people will love to read. Remember that only creating a social profile is not goin to work and you need to optimize the pages by posting in some good content. The above mentioned sites have very high rankings and help in getting your content crawled quicker in serach engines.

c) Create a blog: One of the best and very beneficial strategy is to create a blog with a related keyword domain name such as and post some quality articles within your industry. Blogs are the best way to rank good in search engines and get quality traffic. The frequent updation of the new and fresh content attracts the serach engine bots resulting in improving ranking. Keep posting regularly with a frequency of once evey week to get better results.

d) Add media: With the evolution of Universal Search results , nowadays you can see images and videos also showing in the serach results. So the multimedia is playing an impotant role in search results and can definitely provide you with valuable positions in search results. For pictures use Flicker and for videos create a channel in Youtube and Vimeo and upload useful videos.

e) Pay Per ClickIt is one of the fastest way to get your negative reviews down in search results. You can buy the ads for your targeted keywords using Pay per click campaign. They will be shown on the very top and so can help remove the negative reviews from first page if they are somewhere in bottom. In general it is also not going to cost you very high because individually targeted words are not that competitive for eg: someone’s name.

f) Target Review Sites: Review sites can be really helpful as customer generally search for reveiw related keywords. So have some good reviews about your company posted by your happy clients. You can use sites like Yelp, Sitejabber, Google+ and many more local review sites with respect to your area of business. Do not overdo it and avoid using fake reviews with duplicate content.

g) High quality directory links: Submitting your main links to high quality directories will not only provide you with some valuable links but also help in optimizing the submitted pages. Do not use automated systems for submitting to huge number of directories at once. Instead target the best ones related to your business.

h) Press releases: Press releases have a good reputation in the eyes of serach engine. They are treated as high authority sites are frequently visited by search engines. So submitting press releases to some of the best in the fields can also give you required positions in search results.

i) Local SEO: If you see local results for your targeted keywords then this could be another good option. Submit your company details in Google Local listings and then optimize these local listings specific to your geographical location.

j) Diversify your reach: Google rarely shows more than two to three results on a single page with the same domain name. So you cannot take big section in search results by working on a single domain. You need to have your content in different sites with high authority. You can get these by posting guest blog and then promoting the respective links on social media.

k) Anchor Text for already ranked pages: And this one I saved for the last so that you remember it better. When you type your targeted keyword you see different results in search page which are on second or third page but are related to your targeted keywords. So use these links as a weapon to get quickest and effective results because these pages are already ranked and little optimization can get it on top.

How to keep up a good repo?

Now the question which arises is that “How to maintain the good repo”? There are a few things which you can follow to avoid getting a negative review:

  1. Respect your customers.
  2. Provide them with proper staff to listen and solve their queries.
  3. Have a feedback page on your site.
  4. Dont make false promises with customers.
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    Exactly matching domain names are fined by Google since their second last update in late 2012. So matching domains would severely restrict the growth scope.


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