SEO Pocket Guide: The Complete SEO

SEO Pocket GuideHi! everyone. I have named this article “SEO Pocket Guide” as it will act as your guide for anything related to SEO. Whatever you need to know about SEO you will get it here on this post. Now you might be thinking how can I cover complete SEO in a single post? Well I certainly cannot cover everything on SEO but I can definitely provide you the place to find it. So here I will present you some good SEO resources. This list is based on combining the results of my personal research, reviews by the users, market value and updated content.

A) Best SEO Books

Let me start first with the books which you must read to get an insight into this vast topic. This list keeps in mind all the users varying from a beginner to an advanced user.

  1. Search Engine Optimization For Dummies by Peter Kent (Ideal for beginners)
  2. SEO Made Simple (Second Edition): Strategies for Dominating the World’s Largest Search Engine by Michael H. Fleischner.
  3. SEO Fitness Workbook, 2012 Edition: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Dominating Google and Bing by Jason McDonald.
  4. Online Marketing Inside Out by Brandon Eley & Shayne Tilley
  5. SEO 2012 & Beyond: Search Engine Optimization Will Never Be the Same Again by Dr. Andy Williams.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin.
  7. The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, and Jessie Stricchiolia.
  8. Search Engine Optimization Secrets” by Danny Dover.
  9. Fifty SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization by Jason McDonald.
  10. Outrank Your Competition: 50 Online Marketing and SEO Tips for Small Businesses- Learn How to Get More Traffic, Get More Business and Get More Customers by Marc Menninger.

B) Best Online SEO

If you are interested in reading it online? There are several good online websites and publications which can help you in learning all the terminologies of SEO with ease. The list below in no order contains some best online places to make you more aware about the SEO and its all aspect.

  1. Google Webmasters
  2. Search Engine land
  3. Marketing Land
  4. SEO Moz
  5. Search Engine Journal
  6. SEO Book
  7. SEO Round Table
  8. Search Engine Watch
  9. SEO Mistry
  10. SEO By The Sea
C) Best SEO Videos

Don’t want to read? No problem you can watch videos by some of the best in the industry and remain up to date to waht is happening in SEO industry.

  1. Google WebMasters
  2. SEO Moz
  3. Search Engine Land
  4. SEO Book
D) People to follow on Twitter

SEO industry is very dymamic in nature as there are very frequent changes happening every now and then. And to get up with latest changes you can follow few people who are best at this and keep on updating their account on regular basis. This would help you to keep track of latest activities in SEO.

  1. (CEO of SEOMoz)
  2. (Google’s ‘Head of Web Spam)
  3. (Editor of
  4. (Ex Googler and  “cyberspace visionary” as named by Seattle Business Monthly)
  5. (SEOBook blogger)
  6. ( Founder of NetPOST and URLwire)
  7. (Daron BabinCEO and host of Webmaster Radio)
  8. (Blogging and SEO expert)
  9. (Founder of SEER interactive)
  10. (Runs Distilled)
E) Best SEO Forums

Forums are the best place to know the frequently asked questions. You can interact with people related to this industry and you can ask questions or help someone by answering him/her. It also helps you to create a community of your own which will help you in every aspect of your life. So here are a few good SEO forums you can join:

F) Other Resources

I tried to cover the best ones in above lists but still there are some very good articles online which you can find helpful. So I tried to mention them in a small list.

  1. Blind Five Year Old
  2. Etechdiary
  3. Daily SEO Blog

So I tried to cover the best of the resources for SEO with respect to my knowledge. I might have missed some good ones and I am sorry for that. But you can mention them in the comments if you think something very important which should have been included in these lists. Please share your thoughts or views on this.

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