Top 8 SEO Ranking Factors

Top SEO ranking factorsSEO, SEO and SEO!! Everyone is talking about it these days. Every company, webmaster, blogger or anyone who own a website is talking about optimizing their website to hold a good position in search results. Do you think it is worth running around SEO and less focusing on the website?

SEO definitely helps you in improving your site ranking and getting you on top of search results. But the main question which comes is how to optimize it efficiently with minimum efforts. There are several factors for ranking a site and it is different for all the search engines, Google itself has over 200 factors for ranking a site. Now practically speaking working on all these factors on regular basis is next to impossible for an individual (or a mid or small level company). So instead of focusing on all of htese, wouldn’t it be better if you focus on few chosen best ones so you get the maximum results. So here I am going to tell you about the Best SEO Factors which can give you quick results.

Choose quality over quantity while optimizing a site. Instead of working on several factors, work on the best ones.

1) Keyword Research and in title

If you are targeting search engines for source of traffic for your site, then keyword research is the most important factor. Keywords are the queries entered by the user to obtain a relevant search results. Because if you don’t know the best keyword for your business then you are wasting your time in following other optimization techniques. So you need to target those keywords which your target audience is using in majority. You can use the following tools to do a keyword research:

Free Tools

Paid Tools

Invest time in researching keywords which are generally used by your audience using any of the above softwares. Select a keyword which is mostly used as well as less competitive. Because selecting a highly competitive keyword can will not get you show on top in search results. For finding the keyword competitiveness you can use SEOMoz. Although it is paid you can try it for a month completely free.

2) Content Quality

The main thing in SEO ranking is the quality and value of your content. Search engines have become capable enough to differentiate between a thin and informative content. Google Panda is an live example of it (it was meant for removing low quality sites). The main things to keep in mind are:

  • Unique Content (avoid copying)
  • Rich Content with a value (Informative Content)
3) Content Marketing

It is presumed to be the next big thing in SEO. Many experts have already called it “Future of SEO”. Content marketing is very beneficial as it brings traffic, backlinks and authority to your site. But it involves a lot of effort, there is no shortcut for it. You need to create informative and valuable content and circulate it through social media and press releases. And make sure your content is liked and shared many times by your readers which will boost your SEO value. In short, create a content which user will love and circulate it through various social mediums.

4) Content Freshness

Search engines love latest content and I am sure your readers will too. So its a win win situation from both prospective. If you have a blog and you add new articles daily, then your site will be given preference to the one who is doing it three times a month. Search engines determine a crawl rate based on your updating frequency, more you update with fresh content, more you will get search engines attention. You can do it in number of ways:

  • Post new content on consistent basis and frequently.
  • Go through old content and make few changes which feel should be made.
  • Encourage comments (Comments also add new content to your site and search engines respect that)
  • Allow Guest Posting.
5) Authority (links diversity and popularity)

Try to build authority of your brand by earning links from well known and authorized sites. Please note I used “earning links” instead of getting links. You need to earn links from different sites who are into your niche and have build a name. This shows your popularity and how other people treat your content. You can get this by :

  • Doing a Guest Post for a well known site in your niche.
  • Add appealing infographics with an embedded code (Importance of Images in SEO).
6) Social Signals

Social signals refer to how you content is treated by your readers from social media. It judges it by the number of likes and shares in sites like Facebook and Twitter. And if you get +1 form Google+ treat it as a trophy as it is going to play a major role in Google search soon. You can do this by:

  • Build a group of people from your niche and keep interacting.
  • Like other people’s articles.
7) Domain age (Trustworthiness)

The age of your domain also plays an important role in SEO ranking. The older the domain more preference it will be given. It is because search engines assume that if a domain is old then it must be an established organization or a brand. Taking case of Google it will definitely give more importance to an older domain and if you are a newbie with a new domain, it is going to take time so have patience.

8) Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is another important factor which Search engines are looking at. Bounce Rate means if a reader comes to a page on your site and returns back without going ot any other page, your bounce rate becomes 100%. Search engines assume that the reader did not liked your article or was not satisfied with the information if he returns from the landing page. And the time spent also matters in this case. So try to have your bounce rate reduced by following ways:

  • Make your site interactive (add polls, contests)
  • Add videos and attractive images
  • Make it easy to navigate

These were the few chosen ones which you can follow and improve your online presence. Similarly there are over 200 factors which Google checks for. What I would advice you is create valuable content for users and rest everything will be taken care by itself. So the main mantra of SEO is “Quality Content”.

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  1. w3scope says:

    Google also observe the user behavior. If large number of users’ percentage searching for same keyword click the link in Google SERP at 2nd or 3rd position, Google will gradually improve its ranking position due to users behavior. Similarly in case of higher bounce rate the website will lose its ranking position.

  2. purva soni says:

    I like your post. I have just entered in this field or one can say the stream and you can say me laymen of the field. Your post is quiet awesome and now I got all the term of SEO. The post really helped me a lot.


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