What if Internet was not there?

No internet etechdiaryHello Friends, just think once what would happen if Internet was not there or collapses suddenly. It will be not less than a nightmare for most of us just thinking about it. Well what made me write this article is when my internet stopped working for two days as a rat ate my internet cable :). Internet has become a part of our lives and it definitely helps all of us in some way or other and holds a very important position in our lives.

Just think instead of your ipad you would be carrying the huge encyclopedias and dictionaries for reference, no “Just Google It”, no Facebook, instead of “Mail it to me” you would be using “Just post it to me”, then  you would write an letter and after pasting the stamp  by licking it and then going to the letter box for delivering it which would be received by your friend in frequency of days. Lets see how its going to affect our lives.

According to a research 2,405,518,376 people which is about 34.3% of the total population use internet and are dependent on it some way.
Source: Interent World Stats

Positive Effects
  1. More Face 2 Face Interaction: If internet goes out of business people will become social in real world and will have more face to face interaction than social media conversation. Real life face to face conversation affect the overall personality of people and gives a lot more exposure.
  2. Reduced Piracy: Well this is for sure that piracy of software’s, movies, songs, games and eBooks will reduce as internet plays a major role in distributing pirated materials to different segment of the society.
  3. Reinvention of Letters: As there will be no mails so for any transfer of text document letters will have to be used which will give back life to the almost died letters.
Negative Effects
  1. Unemployment will increase: Internet is really huge and it provides employment to a huge number of people. Facebook alone has created 450,000 jobs, and the Internet establishes 2.6 jobs for every job it renders obsolete. These people will be affected badly and will make lot of people unemployed.
  2. Slow Communication: Sending letters instead of mails will definitely slow down the business process and the overall process of life.
  3. Portability: The online information sources such as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia and Dictionaries have to carried physically instead of a application in your ipad/mobile.
  4. World will become small: Due to unavailability of social media people will not be able to reach out to large and vast variety of people in the world. It will limit your access to local or national level depending on your print media which has a limited scope.what if no internet

And last but not the least you would not get access to this nice blog 🙂 by me.  lets see a report by Online Education see how it is going to affect different segments of our lives.

What if internet was not there - Etechdiary

Image Source: Mashable

Just share your views on it that how unavailability of internet is going to affect your life and what you would be doing right now if internet was not there?


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  1. Tom Ledford says:

    I was around when it wasn’t there. I started studying “data processing” in 1982, shortly after I bought my first computer. I was twenty by then, so I remember life before computers very well. I became a Novell network engineer (CNE) in 1990, well before TCP/IP. I sort of “grew up” in my career with the Internet. You know, I sort of miss the time before computers.

      • Tom Ledford says:

        I used to live in a very small town and I worked “downtown.” There was a little diner that was “the place” to be for breakfast if you were a businessman there. There was a long table in the front where they sat. It always had the morning papers on it. I was way too young for that crowd, but I used to go there for coffee and donuts before work. I would often sit at that table and just listen to the chatter. I got to know a lot of them, even our mayor. Social networking was face to face then. I wonder if that happens anywhere today. I hope so.

        • admin says:

          Thanks a lot again.
          Completely agreed to your point. Now a days people spent most of the time online which hinders the complete growth of the person. Wish i could live without it 🙂 .

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